Dear Home Seller

Dear Home Seller:

What I have seen over and over is this: when the seller is really ready to emotionally let go of the house, the house sells.  Based on our time together today, I don’t think you’re there yet.  Financially you see the need.  But you haven’t been able to emotionally let go yet.  You’re hanging tight onto memories, possessions as well as the house.  It’s like having a leg in two opposite camps – you have to commit to one position in order to move forward and make progress.  Once this happens, you’ll be goal-oriented, the house will get ready quickly and be more appealing to buyers, you’ll readily give up the excess stuff, and the buyers will materialize.

You’ll eventually find that you carry your home in your heart.  The physical home you’ve known to love and cherish over so many years is just a symbol of what’s in essence a spiritual concept that can never be lost, broken, destroyed, unloved, diminished, taken away, torn down, become a burden or lose value.  So in the end, this process of selling a home is a giving up what you cannot keep (the symbol of home) in order to cherish what can never be taken away.  Rather than working hard to support your home so that it (and your stuff) owns and controls you – you’ll find that your home can become something that supports you and your purpose in life.  And there’s great freedom in that true concept of home.

Hope these thoughts are a help as you consider next steps.

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