Prayers for Norway

By Laura Moliter

A deadly shooting spree and bombing in Norway has that nation grieving and the world in a state of horror and disbelief. It has been reported that this level of devastation has not been seen in that peaceful country since World War II.

How does the nation heal and how can we get our arms around such a perplexing act committed against innocent people? It isn’t easy, but it begins with Love, divine Love, as everything must. We can turn away from the disturbing news and look to God Who is infinite Love, and so claim that powerful standpoint from which to help ourselves and all. By doing so, we lay claim as well to that great peace that God (Truth and Life) brings and so we can become part of the healing solution rather than joining the masses who are mesmerized by the appearance of devastation, death, anger, and fear.

Through divine Love’s generous comfort and inspiration, we can become active in our compassion, rather than stand still and hypnotized. We can acknowledge that the peace and goodness that has been expressed by the Norwegian people over the years can’t be shattered by one man’s misguided ignorance. Instead, intelligence, calm, and that enduring strength that comes of God, not of human bravery, can ease the pain and calm the doubt and worry. The nation and its people can sustain naturally that inherent peace, poise, and strength that they have evidenced historically. Mary Baker Eddy reminds us in her book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures that:

“Human sense may well marvel at discord, while, to a diviner sense, harmony is the real and discord the unreal. We may well be astonished at sin, sickness, and death. We may well be perplexed at human fear; and still more astounded at hatred, which lifts its hydra head, showing its horns in the many inventions of evil. But why should we stand aghast at nothingness.” (page 563: 1-7)

Standing “aghast” at evil never brings healing, but only joins hands with pain, anger, and a sort of paralysis. It fuels the error rather than dousing its flames. Isn’t it more constructive to allow God’s wisdom and Love to lead us each individually to assurances, inspiration, and comfort that can shore us up and energize us to more sufficiently help others find healing and renewal as well?

I am comforted by knowing, too, that this promise from Revelation is here for Norway today:

“And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.” (Revelation 21:4)

Laura Moliter is a Christian Science practitioner, writer, and singer-songwriter living in Austin, TX

3 thoughts on “Prayers for Norway”

  1. Through divine Love’s generous comfort and inspiration, we can avoid ever having these tragedies.. oh wait, they still happen.. perhaps our philosophy is wrong? NO! Everyone else’s perception is wrong. Let’s ignore reality and insulate our delusions.

  2. In response to the comment, the article never stated that our prayerful approach–turning to divine Love for inspiration and comfort–would curtail such tragedies. Neither did it say that we should ignore these events. In fact, the point of the sentiments shared in the article is that we should CONFRONT these evils head on, and that we can approach them with the only power great enough to truly heal and help find peace for all: divine Love. This is not a passive approach, but one that can bring that peaceful state of mind that can help, hear solutions, and bring healing rather than simply more rage, anger, and the confusion that would tend to only stoke the flames and not calm them or bring hope.

  3. There is an audio chat from July 28 with guest Joseph Kamenju, who divides his time between Oslo and Nairobi, Kenya. Joseph talks about the importance of maintaining a spiritual outlook, even in the face of violence. He speaks of the universality of God’s love—that God is not a God of borders, but embraces people of all races, religions, and backgrounds.

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