Praying for the furry critters

980692_758052197556093_339469464_o A friend of mine’s cat died recently and she reached out for comfort and inspiration. Her cat Cheddar had been a cherished family member for over 18 years.

Here is a poem I shared with her that always helps me find comfort and helps spiritualize thought about one’s eternal life; the inspiration applies to individuals as well as pets. 

God’s Lovely Likeness by Thomas O. Poysner
ublished in the From the July 1992 issue of The Christian Science Journal

I know that where you are God is,
Since He is everywhere.
And being everywhere, He is where I am, too.

Then since you and I are ever in God’s presence,
We can never be apart: apart from Him —
Or apart from all He gives. To know this
Brings comfort where sadness otherwise would rule.

So when sorrow would steal away my peace,
I give up what I cannot keep
To cherish and rejoice over what I cannot lose.

With this, the stillness all about me comes to life
With sweet assurance that God’s lovely likeness
Whom I have known as you is here and now —
Just as you have ever been.

In the book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, author Mary Baker Eddy writes that “All of God’s creatures, moving in the harmony of Science, are harmless, useful, indestructible.” She makes this remarkable statement because of her own experience at applying discovered spiritual laws to problems with healing results. These are the same spiritual laws that Jesus taught and demonstrated.

Still curious about the power of prayer?  Read this article from  Lucie, Come Home By Marjorie Kehe

IMG_1618Early this year my husband, John, and I faced our most painful experience in a decade of marriage: We said goodbye to our dog, Sheba.

It wasn’t a surprise. Sheba was elderly and her last weeks with us were a struggle. But that didn’t make it any easier. From the moment I first saw Sheba in a New York City shelter – skinny, trembling, full of intense, imploring intelligence – I felt she was my canine doppelgänger. John used to joke that we shared just one soul between us.

The first Saturday after Sheba was gone, we fled to a diner for breakfast. There, we found ourselves crying into our pancakes – until John said the words I secretly longed to hear: “I’m ready for another dog as soon as you are.” Click here to read more

Linda Mardi lives in Austin TX with her family and furry friends.

2 thoughts on “Praying for the furry critters”

  1. From August, 2013, until January 10, 2014, we were fighting daily for the life of our nine-year old tabby, Buddy, who had developed the belief of “feline stomatitis”. Even though our vets recommended “putting Buddy to sleep”, I elected to pray for him and get him through it.

    It isn’t easy to pray for a dear pet, since they can’t understand our language well enough to see what we are trying to do. Thus, we had to accept medical treatment for the boy. We were detemined, though, to stress Truth and prayer throughout the procedure, even though we had to accept medical help at the time to help save his life. Hopefully, we have become much stronger, spiritually, and are better fortified to heal pets strictly through Principle in the future.

    The prayers and subsequent treatment were given in earnest between November 28 and December 10, when he stopped eating. On December 10, he had the prescribed medical treatment, and a whole lot of prayer. We had to undergo thirty days of “recovery”, which ended January 10, 2014. We stressed the Truth and the healing powers of God, even though we were forced to undergo the medical procedure.

    God guided us through the period, and he is now eating and drinking normally, and we are very grateful! Your article is very timely for us. We understand and appreciate it very much. Thank you . . .

    Each day, we continue to pray for Buddy’s health, and we thank God for his recovery to this point. We realize, though, that work for him must never stop, and we apply spiritual treatments for his benefit each day and are eternally grateful for his present state.

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