Healing with Scientific Certainty through the Christ – May 3 @ 11am


  • Looking for an alternative to the negative side effects of drugs and to expensive, intrusive medical treatments?
  • Discover how an understanding of God as infinite good and ever-present Love brings healing.
  • Find out how the scientific system of prayer-based healing can be used by anyone to bring consistent and reliable health to their lives.
  • WHEN: Saturday, May 3rd, 2014 at 11am to 12:30
  • WHERE: Laura Bush Community Library
    9411 Bee Caves Road
    Austin, Texas 78733 * (512) 381-1400

International Speaker Christine Dreissen has proven the effectiveness of prayer throughout her life—as a harpist and dancer; a teacher in the inner-city schools of Chicago; an attorney specializing in criminal, juvenile, and domestic litigation; founder of a rehabilitation program for women prisoners; and as a mother. Recognizing the potential of Christian Science healing for the world, she became a full-time practitioner and teacher of this Science. Driessen has a special focus on medical and interfaith lectures and is co-author of the book, “Soul of Medicine:  Spiritual Perspectives and Clinical Practice” from Harvard Medical School. She travels from New York City.

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