Animal Friendly Austin & God’s gracious care for the little creatures

Austin Pets Alive (APA), a local nonprofit dedicated to making Austin a no-kill city, today unveiled its first Adoption and Resource Center allowing for an increase in adoptions as well as improved resources for animal care. You can read more about the center by clicking here. Is there a way that we can contribute prayerfully to a solution to animal overpopulation, neglect or illness? You betcha! Below are several articles that provide a spiritual perspective on how the authors utilized prayer when seeking comfort and answers for animals.

*Caroline Martin, from Cape Cod MA, writes about a cold February evening when she came home to find the children “frantically calling, ‘Beau, Beau, where are you? Please, Beau, come home.’ Beau was a beautiful blue and green parrot.”  Read more about how the family turned to God for answers. Click here: Missing? Impossible!

*Finding Ming is a testimony about how prayer helped comfort the new owners of an adopted feisty cat who was nowhere to be found in his new home.  This family prayed and found peace, and…Ming. Click here: Finding Ming

*Unleased by Love. I absolutely love dogs. I know God gave man dominion “over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth” (Gen 1: 26), but that doesn’t mean other creatures aren’t cared for by God. It is as much in their nature—as it is in ours—to express God’s great qualities, since He created them, too. So I had to disagree when I heard today that some people believe pets can’t be healed because they are lesser ideas of God. Read the rest of this article along with comments.

*Dog behavior issues? No problem! Permanent answers for this author started with the premise that “every creature is a distinct ‘right idea’ reflecting the divine intelligence that forms it. Read more here: Good Dog!

QUESTION: “Have you ever prayed for the protection or healing of a pet or animal? Read answers submitted by readers. Click here. Fell free to share your own experiences of turning to God for help in situations regarding animals by submitting a comment below.

Going on Vacation? Here are some travel prayers to take along.

It’s almost the end of summer and folks are taking in their final vacation plans.  Below is a compilation of articles and audio talks that offer uplifting thoughts about safe travel, rest and relaxation, vacations.

The author of a recent article from the Christian Science Monitor, kept several Psalms close at hand when starting on a family road trip. Assuring safe travels, Psalms 191 reads “The Lord shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in from this time forth, and even for evermore.”  Read more

“Travel Safely in God’s Care” is the topic of this hour long audio web chat that dives into a discussion and examples of how prayer can make a difference when traveling.   Listen here

Are you looking for rest during your vacation?  In this article from “It’s Vacation Time – more work or real rest”, the author writes, “During that flight to Orlando, and more than a few times since, I considered what it means to take a break from my daily routine. I began to wonder—the way a child might—if God takes a vacation….”  Read more

You’ll find numerous inspiring articles and testimonies of healing related to vacations and travel at

Spiritual solutions to eating disorders

In this recorded audio webcast from, Candace du Mars, a Christian Science Practitioner and Teacher, takes questions and discusses spiritual solutions to eating disorders and weight concerns.  Questions include dealing with anorexia and other eating disorders, how to bring a more spiritual approach to athletic training,  concerns about weight and body image,  helping young children enjoy a wider variety of food and how to gain a more spiritual view of food and eating.  She also shares her own healings of gastritis and obesity.  Click here:

A spiritual response to the stress of war

USA Today recently published an article outlining the increase in Army medical discharges due to mental health issues (Mental Illness Costing Military Soldiers by Gregg Zoroya published on July 25, 2010).

According to the article, 1,224 soldiers were medically discharged last year due to post-traumatic stress disorder. “These numbers really just validate the mental health communities’ concern about multiple deployments,” says Adrian Atizado, who specializes in health issues as assistant national legislative director for Disabled American Veterans. “Mind and body are both taking a beating.”

In this audio webcast from, Janet Horton, a 28-year Army veteran and former military chaplain, talks about the spiritual ideas that have inspired and supported her through her years of service in the armed forces, including her experiences at the Pentagon on September 11, 2001.  She shares healing experiences and answers questions about post-traumatic stress disorder, ways to pray for loved ones in combat as well as the victims of war, and how prayer in combat is possible and essential.

Click here to hear the entire discussion:

Bible Camp – Kid’s performance Friday Aug 6 @ 11:30am

Christian Science Summer 2010 Bible Camp is proud to present “The Parables”, a play based on Jesus’ parables and preformed by the children. It is the culmination of our study for the week. Please join us at 11:30 a.m. on Friday August 6, at Third Church of Christ, Scientist at 3575 Ranch Road 620 South, Austin TX 78738 (Lakeway). There is plenty of free parking and a pizza party following the show.

Keeping pace with today’s technology – Live Audio Chat Aug 3 at 1pm CST

Do you have questions about technology’s impact on your life?  Technology does not have to be at odds with your spirituality. Join this live audio pod for some spiritual perspectives of technology.   Speaker Rick Dearborn is Director of Digital Media at Principia College and is in the part–time practice of Christian Science healing.  Tuesday August 3, 2010  1-2pm CT. Click here for more information or to join the live chat.

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