What is true manhood? Audio chat 6/22 1pm CST!

Timely perhaps for Father’s Day… the title of today’s audio chat from www.spirituality.com is “What is true manhood”.   1pm CST.  There are so many different models when thinking about men – fathers, sons, friends. But men are also often thought of as abusers, bullies. There are many men in history that demonstrate true, pure manhood – Jesus standing out in particular.  Join this audio chat with David Stevens, CSB, a Christian Science practitioner and teacher – to explore more about true manhood.  http://www.spirituality.com/chats/stevensd/index.jhtml;jsessionid=NK4TO5LHXUPLHKGL4LYCFEQ

Spiritual Solutions for the Gulf Coast Oil Spill

Are you looking for a spiritual perspective about the Gulf oil spill? Perhaps you’ve wondered how you can help be part of the solution.  Below are just a few of the many wonderful resources available for your thoughtful consideration.

A quick search “oil spill” on www. spirituality.com brings up a number of articles including an audio chat from May 6, 2010 with Kit Wittich entitled “Prayer about the Gulf Coast oil spill.”  Click here to listen.  You can also read various answers from around the world to the question “How are you praying for resolution to ongoing oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico?” Click here to read.

This week’s Christian Science Bible Lesson is on the subject “Is the Universe evolved by Atomic Force?”  A thought-provoking question “Does God notice the magnitude of human problems? Does He care?”  has been posed on www.TMCYouth.com and invites the public share to their answers, thoughts, and additional questions.

The Christian Science Monitor has ongoing coverage from a news perspective. But it also has several articles based on a Christian Science perspective.  From June 1st, “The oil spill and God’s finger” and from June 6th “A healing answer to the Gulf oil spill.”

Feel free to share your thoughts and prayers on this topic in the “Comments” section below.

Bible Lesson and Sentinel Radio – Listen on phone

The Christian Science churches of the Greater-Austin area are pleased to present two audio programs for spiritual growth and healing:

Weekly Bible Lesson

The Weekly Bible Lesson is available 24/7 at (512) 703-8010. Just call the number, press 3, and listen any time, anywhere. 

Christian Science Sentinel-Radio Edition

This weekly radio program includes insightful interviews and inspiring discussions on how God’s laws apply to current events and individual challenges. To hear anytime, anywhere, call (512) 703-8010 and press 2.

These programs change often so come back often and tell your friends.

Marine Recruits in Sunday School

Yesterday, seven US Marine Recruits from San Diego joined our Sunday School in Austin TX – thanks to laptops, web cameras, wifi and Skype.  Steve W, a retired Navy pilot and English High School teacher, fielded questions from the recruits about God, spirituality, healing and sexuality.  The feedback from both sides afterwards was that the hour long class was a huge success.  The recruits took away several key spiritual ideas that will help them during their demanding physical and emotional training.

So how did this come to be, you might ask? Carolyn S. is a local Christian Science Practitioner who for the past 5 years has joined other faith-based volunteers and chaplains in providing religious services and spiritual support to the MCRD-SD recruits for 3 hours each Sunday morning. Carolyn contacted us several weeks ago because our church worship services are being teleconferenced with easy Skype access AND we are in a time zone that matches the early morning Sunday free time when the recruits are encouraged to reach out and learn about different faiths.

We talked about different ways that we could support the recruits and their interest in spirituality and healing. The first venture occurred two weeks ago when we arranged for Carolyn and the recruits to Skype into our Sunday worship service at 11am CST (9am PST).  We were fortunate to have Chris C., a recently retired US Army Chaplain, join us in person at the Austin church. Chris video-chatted via Skype with the recruits, making introductions before the church service and answering questions afterwards.  This initial dialogue led to yesterday’s Sunday School class in which the recruits, most of whom are 17-19 year olds, participated in a Q&A discussion format.

Carolyn later emailed feedback,  “…The fact that they are responsible for their decisions in the most challenging situations is amazing. But then they are made in the image and likeness of God and have all that God knows at hand (omni-Science) – so all is well! The point of needing to lift the weakest member for the good of all was especially relative. [After Sunday School] we continued to consider how to apply the Science Jesus demonstrated – one Recruit shared how that has worked in his platoon. He has been “healing” that challenge over the past few weeks.”

It seems fitting that this experience is being written today, Memorial Day, a national day of remembrance for those who have sacrificed so much for the ideals of freedom and sovereignty. Here is a link to an article published on www.Spirituality.com on topic for today, “Remembering our Heroes”.

Dear Home Seller

Dear Home Seller:

What I have seen over and over is this: when the seller is really ready to emotionally let go of the house, the house sells.  Based on our time together today, I don’t think you’re there yet.  Financially you see the need.  But you haven’t been able to emotionally let go yet.  You’re hanging tight onto memories, possessions as well as the house.  It’s like having a leg in two opposite camps – you have to commit to one position in order to move forward and make progress.  Once this happens, you’ll be goal-oriented, the house will get ready quickly and be more appealing to buyers, you’ll readily give up the excess stuff, and the buyers will materialize.

You’ll eventually find that you carry your home in your heart.  The physical home you’ve known to love and cherish over so many years is just a symbol of what’s in essence a spiritual concept that can never be lost, broken, destroyed, unloved, diminished, taken away, torn down, become a burden or lose value.  So in the end, this process of selling a home is a giving up what you cannot keep (the symbol of home) in order to cherish what can never be taken away.  Rather than working hard to support your home so that it (and your stuff) owns and controls you – you’ll find that your home can become something that supports you and your purpose in life.  And there’s great freedom in that true concept of home.

Hope these thoughts are a help as you consider next steps.

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