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Healing with Scientific Certainty through the Christ – May 3 @ 11am


  • Looking for an alternative to the negative side effects of drugs and to expensive, intrusive medical treatments?
  • Discover how an understanding of God as infinite good and ever-present Love brings healing.
  • Find out how the scientific system of prayer-based healing can be used by anyone to bring consistent and reliable health to their lives.
  • WHEN: Saturday, May 3rd, 2014 at 11am to 12:30
  • WHERE: Laura Bush Community Library
    9411 Bee Caves Road
    Austin, Texas 78733 * (512) 381-1400

International Speaker Christine Dreissen has proven the effectiveness of prayer throughout her life—as a harpist and dancer; a teacher in the inner-city schools of Chicago; an attorney specializing in criminal, juvenile, and domestic litigation; founder of a rehabilitation program for women prisoners; and as a mother. Recognizing the potential of Christian Science healing for the world, she became a full-time practitioner and teacher of this Science. Driessen has a special focus on medical and interfaith lectures and is co-author of the book, “Soul of Medicine:  Spiritual Perspectives and Clinical Practice” from Harvard Medical School. She travels from New York City.

Children on psychotropic medicines — spiritual possibilities restore young lives

The 10/27/2010 News 8 Austin headline news included a segment about institutionalized children in the Texas foster care system and how “one in five children in foster care in Texas is on psychotropic medicines for an extended time.”  It’s a sobering statistic.  http://www.news8austin.com/content/top_stories/274885/tots-to-teens-medicated-under-state-foster-care-system

In an article excerpted from www.Spirituality.com, Linda Bargmann writes about being a new foster mom and caring for a baby boy who was classified at birth with positive toxicology and had a long list of diagnosed and anticipated problems.  She shares how she and her husband turned to God for guidance and healing. “Every morning and evening as I held Eddie and rocked him, I would sing hymns to him from the Christian Science Hymnal. I felt such peace and inspiration from those times, and it helped me see past some of the seemingly unsolvable diagnoses we were continually facing.”  Linda goes on to state that  “within three years, the diagnosed and anticipated conditions we’d been given were healed. The visiting nurse came only a couple of times, and then decided she was no longer needed. The symptoms of drug withdrawal Eddie experienced were quickly gone. He went from being stiff as a board to being cuddly and affectionate.”  Read the entire article here: http://www.spirituality.com/article.jhtml?ElementId=/repositories/shcomarticle/Aug2010/1281989286.xml&ElementName=A%20young%20life%20restored

Texas Book Festival – Science & Health Booth Oct 16 & 17 2010

Are you planning on attending the 2010 Texas Book Festival?  We’ll be there too – promoting the book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy.

Since the first publication of Science and Health in 1875, its readers have testified that reading and studying this book has not only given them a spiritual sense of the Bible and a clearer recognition of their permanent relationship to God, but has resulted in physical and spiritual healing. Letters from readers that testify to healing from simply reading the book can be found in the last chapter of Science and Health. Available in multiple editions and formats, as well as in 17 languages and English Braille, the book is dedicated to thinkers and “honest seekers for Truth” (Science and Health, p. xii:23).

Mary Baker Eddy Christian Healer Biography – Panel Discussion Oct 17

WHAT: Mary Baker Eddy, Christian Healer Book Panel Discussion

The media wrote about her relentlessly; she was highly respected, yet misunderstood much of the time; and she is listed as one of the Top 25 Most Influential Religious Figures of the 20th Century on PBS’ Religion & Ethics News Weekly poll. Mary Baker Eddy was a prolific healer, author and founder of a worldwide religion. Mary Baker Eddy, Christian Healer tells the story of this remarkable woman’s life in the context of her healing work, which consisted of more than 600 documented healings from cancer to heart disease, mental illness, lameness, deafness, blindness and more.

Christian Science Austin salutes the Texas Book Festival with a panel discussion about Mary Baker Eddy, Christian Healer.

WHERE: The Doubletree Hotel, 15th & Guadalupe  |  Austin, Texas

WHEN: Sunday, October 17, 2010, 2:00  p.m.

LIVE BROADCAST: You can also listen to the live broadcast by phone or Skype. To join by telephone, dial (201) 793-9022.  The conference room number is 4258728#.  To join by Skype, dial +9900827044258728.


  • Eddy founded the First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Mass., which grew into a worldwide religion.
  • Eddy penned countless thought-provoking articles for top daily newspapers before founding the Christian Science Monitor in 1908. Ninety years later, she was inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame for “her indelible mark on society, religion and journalism.”
  • Eddy wrote and published Science & Health, with Key to the Scriptures, which was chosen by the Women’s National Book Association as one of “75 Books by Women Whose Words Have Changed the World.”  The book is on the current reading list of the Harvard Medical School symposium, “Spirituality and Healing in Medicine.”
  • Eddy drew admiration from such public figures as Albert Einstein, Clara Barton and Susan B. Anthony, among many others.
  • Going on Vacation? Here are some travel prayers to take along.

    It’s almost the end of summer and folks are taking in their final vacation plans.  Below is a compilation of articles and audio talks that offer uplifting thoughts about safe travel, rest and relaxation, vacations.

    The author of a recent article from the Christian Science Monitor, kept several Psalms close at hand when starting on a family road trip. Assuring safe travels, Psalms 191 reads “The Lord shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in from this time forth, and even for evermore.”  Read more

    “Travel Safely in God’s Care” is the topic of this hour long audio web chat that dives into a discussion and examples of how prayer can make a difference when traveling.   Listen here

    Are you looking for rest during your vacation?  In this article from spirituality.com “It’s Vacation Time – more work or real rest”, the author writes, “During that flight to Orlando, and more than a few times since, I considered what it means to take a break from my daily routine. I began to wonder—the way a child might—if God takes a vacation….”  Read more

    You’ll find numerous inspiring articles and testimonies of healing related to vacations and travel at www.spirituality.com.

    A spiritual response to the stress of war

    USA Today recently published an article outlining the increase in Army medical discharges due to mental health issues (Mental Illness Costing Military Soldiers by Gregg Zoroya published on July 25, 2010).

    According to the article, 1,224 soldiers were medically discharged last year due to post-traumatic stress disorder. “These numbers really just validate the mental health communities’ concern about multiple deployments,” says Adrian Atizado, who specializes in health issues as assistant national legislative director for Disabled American Veterans. “Mind and body are both taking a beating.”

    In this audio webcast from Spirituality.com, Janet Horton, a 28-year Army veteran and former military chaplain, talks about the spiritual ideas that have inspired and supported her through her years of service in the armed forces, including her experiences at the Pentagon on September 11, 2001.  She shares healing experiences and answers questions about post-traumatic stress disorder, ways to pray for loved ones in combat as well as the victims of war, and how prayer in combat is possible and essential.

    Click here to hear the entire discussion: www.spirituality.com

    Spiritual Solutions for the Gulf Coast Oil Spill

    Are you looking for a spiritual perspective about the Gulf oil spill? Perhaps you’ve wondered how you can help be part of the solution.  Below are just a few of the many wonderful resources available for your thoughtful consideration.

    A quick search “oil spill” on www. spirituality.com brings up a number of articles including an audio chat from May 6, 2010 with Kit Wittich entitled “Prayer about the Gulf Coast oil spill.”  Click here to listen.  You can also read various answers from around the world to the question “How are you praying for resolution to ongoing oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico?” Click here to read.

    This week’s Christian Science Bible Lesson is on the subject “Is the Universe evolved by Atomic Force?”  A thought-provoking question “Does God notice the magnitude of human problems? Does He care?”  has been posed on www.TMCYouth.com and invites the public share to their answers, thoughts, and additional questions.

    The Christian Science Monitor has ongoing coverage from a news perspective. But it also has several articles based on a Christian Science perspective.  From June 1st, “The oil spill and God’s finger” and from June 6th “A healing answer to the Gulf oil spill.”

    Feel free to share your thoughts and prayers on this topic in the “Comments” section below.

    Bible Lesson and Sentinel Radio – Listen on phone

    The Christian Science churches of the Greater-Austin area are pleased to present two audio programs for spiritual growth and healing:

    Weekly Bible Lesson

    The Weekly Bible Lesson is available 24/7 at (512) 703-8010. Just call the number, press 3, and listen any time, anywhere. 

    Christian Science Sentinel-Radio Edition

    This weekly radio program includes insightful interviews and inspiring discussions on how God’s laws apply to current events and individual challenges. To hear anytime, anywhere, call (512) 703-8010 and press 2.

    These programs change often so come back often and tell your friends.