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Praying for the furry critters

980692_758052197556093_339469464_o A friend of mine’s cat died recently and she reached out for comfort and inspiration. Her cat Cheddar had been a cherished family member for over 18 years.

Here is a poem I shared with her that always helps me find comfort and helps spiritualize thought about one’s eternal life; the inspiration applies to individuals as well as pets.  Continue reading Praying for the furry critters

Texas wildfires & Prayer: Metaphysical Inspiration

There will be a metaphysical talk tonight from 8-8:30 by conference call.  Several Christian Science practitioners will lead the talk with their inspiration on the topic.  Please join us.

You can join this conference by calling (201) 793-9022 and use conference room number 4258728#. Or you can join via Skype by dialing +99008270442258728.

In the meantime, here’s an inspiring testimony by Karenlee Mannerino about wildfires and prayer from spirituality.com:

After waking up to yet another day of heat, falling ash, and semi-darkness (the sun’s rays were blocked by smoke), I felt the need to pray some more about the wildfires here in Northern California. So instead of giving my mental consent to the idea that destructive forces in nature were running out of control, I turned to God for a shift in perspective. From recent experience, I knew that prayer could make a difference when praying about wildfires. More on that later.

I began by taking a look at a Bible story involving the prophet Elijah. He was hiding in a cave and in great distress after running from Jezebel’s anger. In obedience, he followed God’s command to: “Go forth, and stand upon the mount before the Lord….” First, “the Lord passed by.” Then a “great and strong wind” followed. And right on the heels of that, a fire. (Destruction trying to “bite the heel” of divine Truth). But each time, “the Lord was not in” the chaos.

After the fire came, “a still small voice.”

I saw giant red smoke fill the sky. Here, God was showing Elijah that right where evil seemed to be, God was already present, and what was left after all the turmoil was ” a sound of sheer silence” (New Revised Standard Bible, I Kings 19:12).  Read the entire article here.

Texas drought and wildfires: How prayer can help

From Spirituality.com – a live audio chat with Christian Science practitioner Jan Keeler (May 3, 2011)

Today – we’re reposting blogs and articles with prayers and spiritual insight that will help combat these fires.


While this chat was going on, six wildfires involving at least 1100 firemen were also going on. Jan mentioned this while also noting the tornadoes that had struck southern states in the US and the floods in the Midwest. She said, “I hope we will bring expectancy to our prayers together today, that we will acknowledge the power of our collective prayers.” Citing a statement from Mary Baker Eddy’s book Science and Health, “…expectation speeds our progress” (p. 426), she encouraged site visitors to expect healing results. She also shared an experience in which an individual was healed of severe burn injuries.

Participants asked about how to restore balance to the weather system, the influence of world turmoil on weather patterns, how to find daily inspiration when a problem like the drought seems to be going on and on. Concerns about safety and how to respond to the expectation that certain destructive weather conditions prevail at certain times of year, were raised. Financial issues when people are already struggling to keep going were also on the agenda.

Listen to the entire audio chat here.

Hurricane Watch: How did Jesus deal with storms?

The Governor of North Carolina is prompting everyone to be fully prepared for Hurricane Irene. For some that means evacuating a vacation home, for others it may mean stocking up on water and food and hunkering down.  How did Jesus deal with storms?

The paragraphs below are excerpted from an article that offers specific thoughts on praying about storms.  Written by Martha Niggeman, the original article is titled, No reason for fear in Severe Weather and appears on Spirituality.com.

By Martha Niggeman

The Bible gives many accounts of how God’s great power and presence saved people in trouble. When Jesus and his disciples were caught in a storm at sea, the disciples were afraid of the storm’s destruction—of dying. With divine authority, Jesus said, “Peace, be still.” The storm of wind and raging sea stopped immediately, and there was a great calm. The law of God, infinite Life and peace, was far greater than the material forces, and immediately stopped the fear and destruction.

Each of us can prove God’s indestructible good in our lives. We are freed from the material view of destruction as we come to know God, Spirit, and to recognize ourselves as spiritual. Harmony, peace, and life are natural states of being in God’s universe, and they are as natural in our lives.

God, infinite Spirit, fills all space. What seem to be destructive, material forces are negated by thoroughly understanding that infinite Spirit has no element of matter. Understanding this spiritual concept protects and helps us… Click here to read the entire article.

Children on psychotropic medicines — spiritual possibilities restore young lives

The 10/27/2010 News 8 Austin headline news included a segment about institutionalized children in the Texas foster care system and how “one in five children in foster care in Texas is on psychotropic medicines for an extended time.”  It’s a sobering statistic.  http://www.news8austin.com/content/top_stories/274885/tots-to-teens-medicated-under-state-foster-care-system

In an article excerpted from www.Spirituality.com, Linda Bargmann writes about being a new foster mom and caring for a baby boy who was classified at birth with positive toxicology and had a long list of diagnosed and anticipated problems.  She shares how she and her husband turned to God for guidance and healing. “Every morning and evening as I held Eddie and rocked him, I would sing hymns to him from the Christian Science Hymnal. I felt such peace and inspiration from those times, and it helped me see past some of the seemingly unsolvable diagnoses we were continually facing.”  Linda goes on to state that  “within three years, the diagnosed and anticipated conditions we’d been given were healed. The visiting nurse came only a couple of times, and then decided she was no longer needed. The symptoms of drug withdrawal Eddie experienced were quickly gone. He went from being stiff as a board to being cuddly and affectionate.”  Read the entire article here: http://www.spirituality.com/article.jhtml?ElementId=/repositories/shcomarticle/Aug2010/1281989286.xml&ElementName=A%20young%20life%20restored

Fort Hood Shootings – and the need for prayer

Peace and healing in the aftermath of the Fort Hood tragedy

Excerpt from www.Spirituality.com

The November 5th shootings at Fort Hood in Texas, the worst military on military attack on American soil, have stirred a number of reactions and emotions around the world. Grief for the 13 lives lost and the 42 wounded, anger, and speculation about the alleged gunman’s motivation have left people searching for answers. For ideas about how to pray, listen as Sentinel managing editor Ingrid Peschke speaks with Ginny Luedeman, a Christian Science practitioner and lecturer, who once lived on the Fort Hood base with her husband, a retired military chaplain.  Click on the photo to go to the audio discussion.

Spiritual response to yesterday’s tragedy

Reblog from http://christiansciencetexas.com/2010/09/29/spiritual-response-to-yesterdays-tragedy/ written by Keith Womack, CSB

Yesterday, a 19-year-old student sprayed several rounds from an AK-47 at the University of Texas.  Several minutes later, the young man turned the gun on himself as police officers closed in.

As sad as this incident is, there is much to be grateful for. Thankfully, no one else was struck by the bullets nor did the young man ever take aim at anyone. The coordinated effort of all police organizations was wisely and swiftly carried out. Classes will all be resuming this morning.

Although there is much to be grateful for, there are questions.  There are always questions when needless violent acts take place.

I’m finding that spiritual solutions will answer these questions. Yes, our communities need to be protected. Individuals with emotional problems need to be helped and healed. And, I believe, it is our collective spiritual growth and maturity that will answer our questions and make all the difference we yearn for.

Mary Baker Eddy, the founder of Christian Science, prayed constantly to find spiritual solutions to daily problems. In 1881, Eddy visited the prison cell of the assassin of President Garfield. The assassin had no sense of his crime. He thought he was a victim and his act of killing the President was simple justice.  However, her few words had an immediate impact on the man. Apparently, sensing for the first time that he had done something wrong, the man sank back in his chair, limp and pale; his flippancy was gone.  The jailer thanked Eddy, and said.  “Other visitors have brought to him flowers, but you have brought what will do him good.”

I’ve found that spirituality not only helps me express more love and common sense, it keeps me safe. It enables me to see that evil’s temptations are not others’ thoughts or my own, and they can be prayerfully and mentally resisted.

Years ago, while I was performing with a band, just after a performance, I walked out the backstage door of an auditorium, headed to a parking area, and found myself right in the middle of a race riot. I was immediately surrounded by a group of men. And their anger turned on me. Everything happened fast.  But, what came to my thought was the idea, “Love has no opposite sides.”

Love, I’d learned, is a name for the supreme being, so when the angel message, “Love has no opposite sides” came to my thought, my fear just drained away and I felt a deep spiritual peace. This sudden peace in the middle of a riot was surprising.

I was then poked in the back. When I turned around, a large man hit me in the face with his fist as hard as he could. But, it only felt as if I had been tapped with a balloon. My head didn’t move at all. The young man who hit me looked me in the eye, looked at the others, and then walked away. Every one of them followed after him.

If I had tried to fight back, the situation would have turned out quite differently. However, my non-reaction was an act of love. I’d learned that I could trust God. And by trusting God and listening to the angel message, “Love has no opposite sides,” the anger and danger disappeared.

I pray that the family and friends of the young man who took his life feel the peace and grace of God. God give them the strength to move past sorrow and fear and find the Love that knows no opposite sides.

Love is satisfied with how She has made all of us to be. We can be satisfied with Her. I pray we all learn to know this.

God’s presence is acknowledged everywhere including at UT Austin

Written by Michelle Wigginton, CS

A report of a shooting taking place on the UT campus came across my newsfeed yesterday morning. I did not even take a moment to read the report. I turned to God in prayer. I humbly acknowledged His presence right here with me and right there on the UT campus 25 minutes from my home.  I was remembering the assurance we find in the Bible that, “God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. And God blessed them, . . . And God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good.”(KJV Genesis 1) As that statement flashed through my thought, I was suddenly struck by the command in that statement to all of us.  More on that in a moment, I have always followed up Genesis 1 with Christ Jesus’ simplification of the 10 Commandments. “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” He goes on to say, “All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.” (NIV Matt 22:37-40) This is the clanging symbols, brick dropping on your head, car horn blaring, alarm clock buzzing, AK47 firing, wake up call to your true identity as the child of God. This is the “El Dorado” of how to think about and “do” life.

When I was learning Bible stories in the Christian Science Sunday School many moons ago, I thought anyone who healed was awesome and Christ Jesus was the epitome, the coolest dude to walk the planet. I’ve been trying to emulate the Christ idea he so perfectly expressed ever since. A statement that I learned while in Sunday School came to me while I was praying about the UT shooting. Mary Baker Eddy, the Discover and Founder of Christian Science in her landmark textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures makes this phenomenal statement, “Jesus beheld in Science the perfect man, who appeared to him where sinning mortal man appears to mortals. In this perfect man the Saviour saw God’s own likeness, and this correct view of man healed the sick. Thus Jesus taught that the kingdom of God is intact, universal, and that man is pure and holy.” Wow, wish I could do that . . .  actually I can and so can you!  Remember Christ Jesus also says, “I tell you the truth, anyone who believes in me will do the same works I have done, and even greater works, because I am going to be with the Father.”(NLT John 14:12) How in the world, you might ask, do I do that?  That was the question I knew that needed to be answered.

So I come back to that command in Genesis 1:31. It is so simple a command, so profound and yet I’ve overlooked its presence for years. “And God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good.”  Do you see it?  “BEHOLD” what a direct command! God has just informed us for all time that his creation, every aspect is not only good, but very good.  If we are seeing something not good, then we are miscalculating, not being obedient to the first commandment, not honoring God’s word, not loving with all of our heart, soul and mind. We are given a direct command “behold”.  Merriam-Webster Unabridged defines behold as: to look at: examine closely: watch: to receive the impression of through or as if through visual means: see intently and fully: apprehend, experience: look: used in the imperative as an interjection especially to call attention.  I must line my thinking up with what God has already declared to be law.  I must look at and examine closely how I am seeing each man and woman.  How am I seeing this shooter?  I followed God’s command to “behold, it (God’s creation) was very good.”  I saw this man and everyone else in Austin and around the globe as “made in the image and likeness of God” and therefore good, despite what the outward appearance was saying.  I knew in my heart if I had made a mistake I would still want to be loved, so I had to love this man.  I have made plenty of mistakes in my life, but my true identity, as well as the UT shooter’s and yours, as the child of God is worth holding to, clinging to, examining closely, learning about, simply . . . LOOKING AT WITH LOVE.

The Bible unfolds and reveals the only source of complete, total security

Written by Robert Carswell, CS

National news reports about the recent shooting on the UT at Austin campus paint a picture of near tragedy for the purpose of emphasizing the danger on college campuses around the country, and its relevance to possible legislation allowing students to carry concealed weapons. The incident, and news responses quite naturally lead us to consider ‘protection’, of what it consists and its source.

Campus security has been enhanced over recent years at all levels of education, as has student and parent awareness of potential danger. Electronic surveillance, increases in manpower, and computerized information exchange are wise innovations intended to further protect the students and teachers. While human footsteps are comforting, no one would argue that these preventative measures afford complete protection. So where can we turn for such assurance?

The Bible unfolds and reveals the only source of complete, total security. In the book of Isaiah, we read this promise: “Fear ye not, neither be afraid: have not I told thee from that time, and have declared it? ye are even my witnesses. Is there a God beside me? yea, there is no God; I know not any.”

For thousands of years, even before the birth of Christ Jesus, man has turned to our heavenly God for supply, discovering that human needs can be met in every circumstance. Jesus proved beyond all doubt that we could rely upon God’s loving protection, that our divine Father-Mother is with us no matter where we are, providing total security, meeting our every need whether if be for healing our bodies, nourishment, comfort, or protection from forces that seem beyond our control.

“Clad in the panoply of Love, human hatred cannot reach you.” These words were written by the discoverer and founder of Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy in her best-selling book, Science And Health With Key To The Scriptures, that begins with this assurance: “To those leaning on the sustaining infinite, to-day is big with blessings.”

Turning to God, attesting to His infinite Love for mankind brings into full view divine protection, a corrective element that allay fears, secures us from harm, defuses crises, and not just for us but also for all within our thought. Whether student, parent, or concerned citizen, we can turn to God with complete confidence, being assured of this Truth written by Mary Baker Eddy, “Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need.”