Summer Camps

There are a number of summer camps around the USA and Canada where Christian Science youth can go for loads of fun activities and where Christian Science is taught and practiced as p52982art of the fun.

In the below photo, a bunch of Austin youth and several parent and grand-parent volunteers attended the 2014 – 3rd session at Cedars Camps in Lebanon, Missouri.
Cedars Camp Session 3






2015 Summer Camp Round-up

30 Austin area Sunday School students attended Camps this year!
2015 Camp Roundup COL 4_edited-2

2016 – Austin Sunday School students
at 3rd Session Cedars Camps
Austin at Cedars 2016

2017 Summer Camp Roundup

Sunday School students shared their camp experiences at the annual Summer Camp Roundup.

Current Information for Camps

Adventure Unlimited
Buena Vista, Colorado

Camp Bow Isle
Bowen Island, British Columbia, Canada

Cedars Camps
Lebanon, Missouri

Crystal Lake Camps
Hughesville, Pennsylvania

Camps Leelanau & Kohahna
Maple City, Michigan

Camps Newfound/Owatonna
Harrison, Maine

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